Rules and Manners @Race Track


  1. During the driving please make sure to wear helmet (with chin strap), gloves (fingers fully covered) and fasten your seat belt.
  2. Please wear clothes easy to move. The long sleeve shirt, full length pants and driving shoes (or shoes easy to drive)
  3. Take off your accessories (necklace, and ring etc.). Take out all the removable fixtures from the interior, and close the window on driver’s side. Before the driving, check the tire (air pressure, retorquing), oil (amount, drain bolt), brake, coolant, taping over lights.
  4. If you have the desorption-type traction hook, please keep it in the car during the driving. Please check where to fix it in advance.
  5. Please remember the designated car number.
  6. In case your car shows any sign of accident, the official staff will guide you to pit in. The sign will be showed with flag and your car number from the platform in front of the pit.
  7. When we offered time measurement, we will rent out the transponder. Please return it as soon as the driving is over.
  8. If you lost or broke the transponder, you will have to bear the actual cost.

Manner and Rules during the free driving

  1. Please attention to the flags (caution lights) showing from major post and keep the sign.
    Yellow Flag Danger in front, No passing until you pass the point, Slowdown
    Red Flag Suspension of the driving, Return to the pit, No passing, Slowdown
    Checker Flag Return to the pit in next round, No passing, Slow down, Cool down.
  2. Please be aware of the pedestrians and keep under 60km/h on pit lane.
  3. During the test drive, passing are not allowed.
  4. No passenger allowed during free driving.
  5. Please check your car and the race track on first round. Please note that temperature of the tires are not hot enough until couple of round.
  6. When you enter the track, please keep right side until you pass the second corner.
  7. When you return to the pit, turn on the right turn signal right after 130R, keep right side.
  8. Please be aware of the merging cars while you pass the other cars. Keep enough space when you are passing the other cars at the corners.
  9. Do not change the lane on the straight part unless you want to passing the other cars.
  10. If you feel something unusual on your car, please return to the pit as soon as possible.
  11. Drifting drive, unnecessary pulling up and sudden deceleration on the racing track are prohibited.
  12. When your car spins around or stopped during the driving, restart your car if possible. If your car doesn’t work, stop the engine, leave the car key, and leave the car as soon as possible and escape out from the race track (to behind the guardrail or tire barrier) with your helmet on. No crossing over the track, or No car repairing on the side of the track.
  13. In case of crash accident, check your body thoroughly, whether if you have any injury. After that, if your car is movable, drive to the safe zone. You don’t need to return to the pit. In many case, liquid (oil and etc.) will leak from the cars and it spreads over the track and it will be the great danger to other cars.
  14. If you need to stop your car during the driving, please pull over at the safe turf not on the track.
  15. The driving period includes the time for collection of the accident cars and cleaning of the oil over the track.
  16. If there is any damage to the facility by the accident, the driver bears the all damage repair charge. If any accident happens between drivers, they must bear their own damage.

Rule and Manners at Paddock and Pit

  1. No fire allowed in the pit and the paddock area. Please smoke at designated area.
  2. The available pits are limited. Please share them. Please cooperate with the other cars on entering and exiting the pit.
  3. Please keep your all belongings with your own responsibility. Be careful with the theft.
  4. Umbrella and other things easy to fly are not allowed in sign board area (platform).
  5. Under 16 are not allowed to enter the pit lane, sign board area (platform).
  6. Please keep eye on your children.
  7. No pets are allowed in the race track. (not include seeing-eye dogs and service dogs)

※ Please explain above to your companions and follow the rules.