Here are FQA. 
If you need further information, please feel free to contact us!
E-mail: webmaster@ccmc.gr.jp

Q. Do I need special license to join the CCMC Drive meeting?

A. You need driver's license issued by public safety commission in Japan or valid international driver's license. If you are a minor, you will need the written permission from your parent. (Signature required on covenant.)
Please check the guidance for further information.

Q. My car is convertible. Can I join the CCMC Drive meeting?

A. Sure, you can! However please remember that all the damage on your vehicle, yourself, race track facility and etc. will be your own responsibility, so drive safely!

Q. Is there any kind of car that you don’t allow to join to the meeting?

A. High height cars are not allowed. ex. Minivan, truck and etc.

Q. I don’t have racing suite.  Do I have to buy one to join the meeting?

A. You don’t need to buy the racing suite but you require to wear long sleeve shirt and full length pants covering your skin.  Remember to bring your driving gloves, too!

Q. Do you have rental helmets?

A. We are sorry but we don’t have rental helmets. Pleas bring your own helmet.

Q. How can we get into the pit area of Suzuka Circuit?

A Please refer to the map on this URL.

Q. Is four point type seat belt required?

A. No it isn’t.  Standard three point seat belt is fine.

Q. How is the time schedule of the CCMC Drive Meeting?

A. Followings are our standard time schedule for the meeting.
  08:00 Registration
  08:30 Pre-Drive Briefing
  09:00 After 3-round drive to check the track,
       you are free to enjoy the race track!

Q. What if I got an accident on the race track during?

A. All the damage caused by the accident during the CCMC Drive Meeting (facility damage, vehicle dame, breakdown, injury and death of drivers and passenger) will be your own responsibility. All the compensation will be buried by you. If any facility dame will be occurred, we will send the bill of actual cost accordingly.
Ref: Facility Damage Repair Charge

Q. This will be the first time for me to drive race truck. Do you have any advice for me?

A. It will take more strength to drive the race truck more than you imagine. (for both the driver and the car)  Take a good rest the night before and keep your best condition.  During the drive, take proper breaks and drink water to avoid dehydration.

Q. Can we share one car during the practice?

A. For safety reason, we don't allow driver change during CCMC driving practice. This is because only one person can check the racing track condition, prior to the actual driving practice.